Buzzing Fluorescence

I should really update my Goodreads profile. I remember I signed up years and years ago. I’m not sure I’d even put out Decline yet. I can’t recall. But obviously it makes sense to have an updated profile on popular platforms. Speaking of which, I keep meaning to write more of these blog posts for my website. Part of my problem is that I’m relatively adamant about not writing about sensitive subjects. I’m not going to put up a partisan opinion about something just to alienate half my potential readers. Some people would see that, I’m guessing, as a very milquetoast attitude. It’s more important to me for people to learn me from my writing than from some half-assed blog post I vomit up just to have “content” on my website. Especially if that “content” is going to fuck me in the long run. The internet never forgets.

Maybe I’ll give up and live out my last few years in debauched excess. That’s worth something, right? For a little bit anyway. Hedonism is the way to go. Effort is for losers (aside from the 0.000000000001% that “make it”). What a wonderful attitude I have. I think it’s the beige walls, the beige drop ceilings, and the buzzing fluorescence all around me that infects me like an alien parasite. It speaks through me and for me to a generation of detached and detained lost-youths.

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